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    Monthly Trading Result
    Total D20P AUGUST 2014 Live result $ 3.000
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DAILY STRATEGY 12 DECEMBER 06 click the chart for bigger image

BUY LIMIT GBP at 1.9586
take profit 1.9606
stoploss 1.9656

DAILY STRATEGY 11 DECEMBER 06 click the chart for bigger image

SELL GBP at 1.9571
take profit 1.9551
stoploss 1.9601

DAILY STRATEGY 8 DECEMBER 06 click the chart for bigger image

SELL GBP at 1.9630
take profit 1.9610
stoploss 1.9660

How Money Makes Money

forex-anti-hedging.jpgExchanging of currencies is basically for two main reasons. About 5% of daily turnover is from companies and governments that buy or sell products and services in a very foreign country or must convert profits made in foreign currency echange to their domestic currency. One other 95% is trading for profit, or speculation.

The FX market is considered an interbank market, simply because that transactions are conducted between two counterparts on the telephone or via an electronic network. Trading just isn’t centralized when using exchange, like with the stock and futures markets.

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