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Multi Computer Monitor Setup for Forex Traders

multi-forex-monitor.jpgFor better forex trading experience you’ll need multiple chart working on dual or more monitor to support your trade, so how do you go about setting up a dual or multi monitor system? You’ll need two or more monitors and either 2 or more video cards or a video card that has multiple monitor outputs. It’s even possible to mix and match multi-monitor video cards with single-monitor video cards for more monitors.


Most personal computers only have one AGP slot, so you are probably only going to be able to get one really awesome graphics card in your computer. There’s a good news if you are trying to set up multiple monitors on a Laptop, you do not need to purchase graphics cards. Most laptops have a monitor output in the back of the computer, and the monitor set up from there can be used in addition to the laptop screen.


But If you want to set up a third monitor on your laptop, you are going to have to buy an exsternal USB Video card or PCMCIA Video Card it’s a card that’s going to go into the little slot on the side of your computer, my PCMCIA laptop slot already used for 3G modem card so the only choice for me was using exsternal USB Video card. These video cards are different than the typical PCI or AGP cards.


Next you will ready to watch multiple chart monitor to spectating cross price action on each pairs. You can also buy one big screen says 32″ then just look for high resolution Video Card and there you can run multiple chart too on single gigantic monitor, the choice are in yours.



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