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Short Term VS Long Term Forex Strategy

forex-long-short-term.jpgSome traders base their forex strategy in long term investments by monthly or weekly positions, while others will build their forex strategy around daily or intradaily positions that might be open no longer than a few hours or even minutes, this traders are known as scalpers. There can be profits in any forex strategy as long as you are aware of the market movers and signals at any given time, and you have a clear understanding of all the elements that support your forex strategy.

A long term forex strategy will probably earn you 100 or 200 pips in one trade, but that is probably all you will gain within a month or a week if your forex strategy gravitates around monthly or weekly positions, But on the other hand, a well carried scalping forex strategy can deliver many little 10 or 20 pip trades during a day.

The intraday forex strategy benefits from the fact that the forex market, whether moving up or down within any particular currency pair, will always make small fluctuations that you can profit from using an intraday forex strategy.

Which forex strategy is best for you will depend greatly on your personal investment and risk management style, and also on how much time you can dedicate during the day in order to follow the market trends and spot the right entry points for a profitable trade.


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